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  • List the features you would like here, so we can find you the perfect room, they can be as varied as you like! The more information you can provide us with the easier our housematching service becomes! We want to help you have a great year in our accommodation, and the best housemates will be a big help with this.
  • When we process your application we will contact you with an offer of accommodation and a booking form. On this booking form you will need to provide details of your guarantor.
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accomodation application form

This is your place to apply online!

If you are looking for great accommodation let us do the work. Our experienced team is able to help you book a room in any of our great accommodation options from home. We can complete everything online, or if you like we can give you a call and talk things through.

The application form is designed to help us help you find a great place to stay.

By answering some key questions we are able to identify both what type of accommodation would be best suited to you, and even more importantly where you may be looking to share we can find you some great housemates!

When we receive your application we will aim to make you an offer of accommodation within 48 hours. You will then be able to accept this offer and progress your booking. You can join the cleverstudentlets experience, relax and look forward to your forthcoming period of study.

house matcher!

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our guarantee

Cleverstudentlets will guarantee to make an offer of accommodation to all students who complete an online application. If a first choice of accommodation option is not available cleverstudentlets will offer the closest available alternative