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Blog this month from Abigail Reed CSL Mental Health Champion

‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’

On February 15th, 2020 it was made public knowledge that Caroline Flack had made the decision to take her own life.

Caroline Flack is one of many who even with a beautiful smile, was hiding something that was slowly tearing her apart.

Her death is another sad reminder that people can be suffering but still show a brave face.

Her death is another sad reminder of just how important it is to talk.

Every day the media plays a part in mental health. Sometimes it’s a hindrance and sometimes it’s a help. Today is the day we look at it from a positive point of view.

Every day more people are coming forward and using their voices to speak up about their fears and struggles. They are speaking up and discovering that they are not alone, and everything they feel is valid.

Coming from my own personal experience I can tell you that the easiest thing to do is just smile. The true challenge is speaking out. It took me years to find the courage to speak out but when I did it was a relief. I was no longer hiding behind this smile that to me, wasn’t genuine, even though people around me thought it was. When I talked about my true feelings, worries and fears and weight was lifted off my chest. I wasn’t alone.

That is something I think people have forgotten. They have forgotten that they aren’t alone. There will always be someone around waiting to listen, to talk, to sit and cry with you. There will always be someone waiting, listening and understanding how you feel and be willing to help.

Never be afraid to use your voice.

Never be afraid to raise your hand and say you’re struggling.

But more importantly just try to remember to not only be kind to one another but be kind to yourself. In a world filled with sadness, be kind.

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