First-year art students in Plymouth have been given the chance to showcase their talents in a painting competition – and will display their works to the public.


The contest and exhibition, entitled Collaboration, has been organised by Clever Student Lets, and Plymouth College of Art, with materials supplied by another city business, Mayflower Street’s The Art Side.


All the artworks entered will be displayed to the public at a special event on Tuesday 12 March, from 6pm to 8pm, at the Plymouth College of Art. The show will continue until the 16 March.


The winning paintings will also be announced by a judging panel that will include Professor Andrew Brewerton, PCA Principal and CEO, Henry Hutchins, CEO of Clever Student Lets, and William Telford, Business Editor of the





2016-06-08 02.04.23  Emma Thomas, sales coordinator, at Clever Student Lets




Emma Thomas, sales coordinator at Clever Student Lets, said: “We have been looking for teams of students to collaborate and create fresh, exciting and most importantly, original artworks that will be displayed at a special art exhibition.”


“More than 180 of our customers are studying art in Plymouth, and this could be their first taste of public recognition of their talents to a big audience.”


Clever Student Lets have donated 40 free canvases and paints for students to enter, and encouraged our students’ to work together and expose their creativity,” she said.



2016-05-30 05.06.33   Garry Haines, manager at the Art Side, Plymouth


Garry Haines, manager at the Mayflower Street Art Side, said: “Over half our customers are students – and this competition is a fantastic way to show our appreciation for what the student population bring to Plymouth,” he said.



2016-06-28 01.43.47   Emma Thomas and Steph Martin, PCA:SU President


Miss Martin, said: “The art challenge is a great opportunity for students to come together and work collectively, and is all part of our agenda of team building and positive impacts on the well-being and support of our students,” she said.


Award winning Clever Student Lets working with partners across Plymouth



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