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Our landlord programme is constantly evolving to keep us current and guarantee a fuller service.

We fill rooms! Now that you know that we can talk about how we do it and what makes us different from every high-street agency.


Our key focus is finding great homes for a variety of students. We provide the best fully managed student accommodation in the city and a service to match. We work with landlords that not only want to get heads on beds but also want to keep them there.


We are constantly striving to achieve higher retention rates and see it as our job to make sure your property is easily manageable through low student turnover and a reputation that brings new students directly to your doors.


Our landlord programme is constantly evolving to keep us current and guarantee a fuller service. With cleverstudentlets we work in partnership to support you and help your investments realise maximum potential by providing a better home for clever students.

We operate at a standard commission rate of 15%+vat (18% inc vat) For more information on working with us and how we can help you achieve your property’s peak revenue, get in touch or simply fill in your details and we will get in touch. 


We are part of a Client Money Protection scheme.

Why clever student lets?

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Set up in 2010, with an aim to providing Landlords and Students with a first class rental experience, the company has grown rapidly, not only in portfolio but also with a great reputation.
The Board of Director’s combined experience of over 40 years in the student letting industry and unique backgrounds of property sales, property management, the academic environment and marketing offer us a unique position in evaluating the market. We offer clear advice and, most importantly, work with you to ensure full occupancy in your property.
If you are the sort of landlord who enjoys investing, improving your product and offering tenants a great home in which to study and live we are looking forward to working with you. By encouraging continued investment our portfolio grows in size and quality. Our perpetual feedback and insight will help you become part of the cleverstudentlets experience.

We focus on helping students find and enjoy a home they can live in comfortably and an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. By focusing on the needs of our tenants our landlords benefit from unrivalled exposure to the market and can become part of our portfolio offering the highest occupancy rates in the city.
Cleverstudentlets Ltd prides itself on offering a first class property management service to all landlords. Our management includes a full letting service including provision of and drawing up of all student tenancies, tenant and guarantor credit checks where required and all ongoing management including regular inspections (typically every 6 weeks). As a landlord you will receive a full property condition report after every inspection.
Rent collections and account management is all part of the cleverstudentlets experience. Any landlord working with cleverstudentlets has access to their accounts live, via the internet using our unique landlords’ portal.
Not only do cleverstudentlets offer an unrivalled property letting and management service we also work extremely hard to ensure that the safety, security and condition of the property is maintained throughout the year. We are able to offer advice on your legal requirements as a property owner, arrange certification and undertake repair works as required.experience of over 40 years in the student letting industry and unique backgrounds of property sales, property management, the academic environment and marketing offer us a unique position in evaluating the market. We offer clear advice and, most importantly, work with you to ensure full occupancy in your property.
If you are the sort of landlord who enjoys investing, improving your product and offering tenants a great home in which to study and live we are looking forward to working with you. By encouraging continued investment our portfolio grows in size and quality. Our perpetual feedback and insight will help you become part of the cleverstudentlets experience.

Cleverstudentlets prides itself in offering a quality service to our students. In order to achieve this we will qualify our property and potential property to ensure it meets the high standards we expect.
This offers a consistent approach for us, our landlords remain clear on our expectation, and we are able to approach the student market with a strong and clear message detailing what we offer.
A property that meets our qualification criteria will be of a higher standard than many others in the market, and in turn will benefit from our unrivalled exposure to the student market.
Our accommodation stock is amongst the best student accommodation in the city. If you would like to join cleverstudentlets and work with us helping to provide the students of the city with accommodation that meets and can exceed their expectations we are pleased to help you raise the standard of your accommodation to ensure it meets our qualifying criteria.

You may have noticed our unusual stance on three key issues in the student letting market. No deposits, no bills and no fees. These three key points have been instrumental in our success as a company, our attention to top quality property management and to our reputation with the student’s of this City.

No deposits. Students are the reason we are here and we enjoy offering them a level of trust which in almost all cases is reciprocated. Effective management and regular inspection of property ensures that unlike our competitors we are able to deal with problems as they occur and if needed, charge for any damages on a rolling basis. Our reputation for fairness among students is one of the key reasons for our success. If you are a landlord who is aware of the need for cleaning and fair wear and tear, we are sure you will be very comfortable with our policy of no deposits, especially when all of your empty rooms are rented and you are able to relax!

No bills. Students that rent from us are offered an inclusive package. Gas, electricity, water, internet, a communal cleaning service and in most cases a television licence are included in the rent. Utility use is capped at a reasonable market rate, to encourage fair usage. If a student significantly exceeds their cap, cleverstudentlets will look to charge the student for the additional costs. By managing property effectively and visiting regularly we aim to assist students with reasonable usage and avoid them exceeding the allowance.

No fees. We do not charge our student tenants any fee’s in addition to their rent. Whilst this means we may not all be driving brand new cars, it also means that students see us as a fair and honest company to rent from! We do not believe in exploiting students and prefer to focus our energy on provision of a first class service.
Any student renting from us would be required to pay a commitment of advance rent upon booking a room. This figure can them be deducted from their initial rent payment.

A student with a UK based home owning guarantor would usually pay their rent in three termly instalments. In the absence of a UK based home owning guarantor we would normally expect the tenant to pay the rent for the duration of their stay in advance. There are of course always exceptions to this, but any decision made would be in the interest of renting a property to ensure occupancy and the level of risk thoroughly investigated in advance.

Cleverstudentlets does things differently! We like to put our students first!

In order to make best use of the existing links that we have with students in the city and to continue to expand on these relationships, we use a unique communications calendar to stay in touch with our market …. and your target audience!

We look to connect with students not only for their first year, but for the duration of their time here in Plymouth for the full period of their study.

Our communications calendar ensures we send regular, relevant information to the students in the City. We are pleased to be able to share any offers that we have secured with our partner organisations and also share information that is of use.

The communications calendar not only keeps us focused on when we should contact our students, but also how we approach it! We use a variety of social media, email, traditional letters and even SMS text messages to communicate and connect with the students of the City.

Our aim is always to rent your property for 50 weeks of every calendar year. Our preferred letting period is 1 September to 17 August the following year. Our priority is to stay ahead of market trends and hold our position as the most effective student property management company in Plymouth.

The education market is evolving and there are occasions where a property would be rented on a single semester basis or even a rolling monthly contract. Our unique relationship with Plymouth University International College and other large institutions within the city offers us an unrivalled ability to fill any vacant rooms that have not been rented for our preferred 50 week letting period, not only in September but at several key intake dates throughout the academic year.
We cannot promise 100% occupancy 100% of the time, but be assured we give 100% effort to ensure your property remains as full as possible for as long as possible!

50 Week
The 50 week tenancy is our optimum length typically commencing 1 September and running until 17 August the following year. We will always strive to rent a property for 50 weeks of the year wherever possible. We rarely, if ever rent property for 52 weeks as we feel the 2 week period is essential for undertaking routine maintenance and any summer works and cleaning. By retaining a 2 week vacant period the standard of the properties can be maintained and improved upon year on year and your occupancy rates will remain high as a result.

A termly contract can be used in properties, particularly those where a higher than normal turnover of tenants is expected. This will often include en suite rooms that are offered to our overseas students who are on a shorter term course. As the sole supplier to Plymouth University International College we have a series of staggered intakes throughout the academic year. Not only are we able to take advantage of the traditional September intake, but cleverstudentlets also has access to new student intakes in January, April, May and June! Our unrivalled ability to fill rooms helps minimise your exposure to risks and potential rental voids and maximises your opportunity to secure a consistent rental income.

Rolling Rooms
Occasionally, in order to avoid a vacant room and to make the most effective use of your properties potential, we may offer a rolling monthly contract to our students. Where a property may otherwise face a period of low occupancy we will do our best to generate you an income in any way possible. Whilst this is not our preferred style of letting, as the tenancy may only be for one calendar month, it offers the property owner an income which most would agree is better than an empty room. Whilst not profitable for us, we do look to keep in mind the added value to you.

Clever Crew
The clever crew are a dedicated in house team who monitor all maintenance within cleverstudentlets properties. The team operate on a purely service based remit as all works undertaken by cleverstudentlets are done by vetted subcontractors. We have a select team of these subcontractors; their remit is to offer you as a landlord a cost effective and prompt service. Unlike many other agents the works are never undertaken as an in house project, which keeps our contractors on their toes and keeps your bills as low as possible.
Our clever crew monitor all works and will query all invoices. If, as a landlord, you choose to undertake your own maintenance you can expect regular contact for any jobs or works that have been raised; just like our contractors you can also expect to be kept on your toes!
We pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled service to our students and as a landlord working with us we are sure you will be pleased to work alongside us in providing clever students a great environment in which to live and study.
The clever crew all carry identification badges, and our vehicles all have cleverstudentlets livery. This adds assurance to our tenants and others in the property that we are who we say, and we do what we say!

Cleverstudentlets offers an inclusive rent and this includes a communal cleaning service. Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a well managed property, either a HMO or smaller unit. As part of the management regulations of houses in multiple occupation, the communal areas should be kept free from obstruction and in a clean and habitable condition. Our cleaning service is provided by teams of external contractors who are constantly checked and audited to ensure a consistent and good value service. We negotiate a bulk rate with our contractors, and will always look to pas the saving on to you.

All teams of cleaners will wear ID badges when visiting any of our properties, and all vehicles used have company livery displayed. This offers our students a level of confidence that inspires further care and a real pride in the property. As our cleaners are seen as part of the wider cleverstudentlets family, tenants respond by wanting to keep the properties in good condition as they know there will be a regular cleaning service.

Our cleaning teams provide reports of any jobs undertaken which are made available to you, the landlord. The cleaning teams provide an additional set of eyes within a property to help maintain the value of your investment.
Cleverstudentlets will sometimes make use of our clevercleaners to ensure your property is kept in prime condition! A six monthly deep clean mid tenancy can be a real boost to house moral, a real boost to your letting potential and a great way of helping minimise any unforeseen issues at the end of tenancy. We may use this in the Easter Break particularly if the property remains un let – as it helps make best use of any remaining time to ensure your property reaches it’s full letting potential.

During the course of our inspections we will take utility meter reads of all utilities. This is essential as part of our program of measured and capped utility use. This will highlight any issues with overuse and this gives us a great opportunity to discuss usage with tenant’s onsite. After the utility reads are taken and inspections are complete, utility reads are submitted to the relevant suppliers to ensure that all bills are up to date.

Cleverstudentlets records any requests for maintenance on our online fault reporting system. This is an internet based portal which we can access anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This affords our contractors access to jobs as they arrive and enables us to add notes and additional information. In doing this we seek to create increasingly cost effective methods to repair any ongoing issues that are discovered.
We are also able to employ this system to offer continual feedback on the performance of our contractors and ensure that any jobs reported by either landlord or tenant are resolved as quickly as possible. By using our online fault reporting system our contractors also have access to any historical information that may assist with swift resolution.
All jobs are recorded with a unique reference number affording us quick recall of any issues raised.

Cleverstudentlets makes a commitment to our tenants to undertake all minor repairs in less than 3 days, normally within 48 hours. Where an emergency response is required we would expect either an immediate response or at most within 24 hours depending on the nature of the problem.
Major works (those that cost in excess of £1500) would commence within 3 days maximum. We do understand that these jobs may not be completed within 3 days but do expect them to be completed within a reasonable timescale.
If a landlord chooses to undertake their own maintenance and is unable to adhere to these schedules, cleverstudentlets may instruct subcontractors to undertake the works on the landlord’s behalf.
To cleverstudentlets the tenant experience is paramount.