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Do you LOVE your student house and want to secure it for another year? We don’t blame you – the rebooking process is so easy!

Maybe you live on Mutley and the closeness to University suits your lifestyle, or perhaps you’re a little bit further out in Lipson or Greenbank and enjoy the walk! OR…you just can’t be bothered to move and we FEEL THAT.

Email us at admin@cleverstudentlets.com to say – I LOVE MY ROOM, PLEASE LET ME REBOOK! Jobs a good’un.

Not only will we freeze your rent; so what you pay this year, you remain paying next year, we won’t charge you any advanced rent either – amazing!!

So – if you want to rebook, the chance is now – for the whole of October, you can rebook your room, first refusal, with no chance of a viewing and someone else snapping up your room.

Be quick though – 2nd November sees the start of our viewings again and trust us…it will approach quicker than you know and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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